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Step 1: Propagation
You will need to purchase a fine seedling mix from your local garden center. We would suggest that you add one third vermiculite to the mix to help retain water.
Loosely fill your seed trays with the mix and sprinkle with the desired seeds, lightly cover the seeds with soil and gently pat down to ensure contact with the soil.
keep your seedlings moist and place them on a warm windowsill with morning sun. We like to use a spray bottle with water as not to disturb the seeds too much.
Step 2: Thinning out
Once your seedlings have their first set of true leaves (the firsh two leaves after the innitial sprouting leaves) you can thin them out to 3cm spacing.
Step 3: Planting on
When your seedlings are around 5cm in size, its time to plant them in your veg patch. Make sure you dig in lots of compost and remove any lumps and stones in the soil.
Plant your seedlings to the recommended spacing on the packet and firm them in, taking care not to plant them too deep.
Step 4: Daily care
Keep your plants moist and fertilise with a good kelp fertiliser bi-weekly.
You should be harvesting delicious veg in a matter of weeks, ready for the dish of your choosing.

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